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The computer is not just a tool; it is an intellectual partner
~ Nicholas Negroponte

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Our dynamic Computer Systems Engineering Department is rapidly expanding, known for innovation in research, education, and industry engagement. With diverse learning experiences, we've achieved remarkable growth in faculty, facilities, and programs. Our mission: top-notch Computer Systems Engineering education, impactful research, and enhancing Pakistan's prosperity.

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Great news! The UGRAD (Undergraduate Exchange Program) applications are now live and ready for aspiring students to embark on an exciting academic journey.
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Deadline:September 27, 2023

Boot Camp
Deep Learning
Speaker: Saifullah Raho
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IEEE Computer Society

September 2023

The Scotland Pakistan Scholarships for Females funds graduate studies for Pakistani women in any HEC recognized university across Pakistan. Funded by the Scottish Government.
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Scotland Pakistan Scholarships

15th September

Academic society elections: where smart thinking meets self-reflection Further Details

ACM Election 2023-24

10th August 2023

The path to success is paved with motivation as your fuel, determination as your vehicle, and resilience as your destination Further Details

Cyber Security Event

28th March, 2023

INCCST provides a platform to bring together industry professionals, academics, and individuals from Public sector university. It includes faculty, postgraduate and undergraduate students, government agencies and other institutions to exchange information and ideas on the advancement of information technology.
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March, 2024

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