Workshop on LaTeX

By | April 21, 2011

Workshop on LaTeX


Event Date : Apr 21, 2011 
Event Location :  Video Conferencing Hall, IICT, MUET, Jamshoro

Learn the basics of the technical writing in comprehensivewayExperience the tool accustomed by the research communityby practical examplesEnhance your technical writing skills to the standard,adopted by the millions of scientists and researchersGet learned the language of technical writing obligated bythousands of periodicalsDig in the process and the software tools for the scientificwritingDrill different aspects to produce standard scientificdocument


  • LATEX: A Need of the timeo Basics of the language of technical writings
  • Tools required Background Engine Technical language & types of thefiles for the technical writings
  • TEX, LATEX and MIKTEXo EDITORS: WinEdt, TeXnicCenter, TexLipse, Latexlab & TexMaker
  • Reasons to adopto Benefits and comparison with traditional tool
  • Primitive stageso Simple documento Document Classeso Using Basic Formatting and Sections
  • Lists and Bulletso Equationso Tableso Figures
  • References and Cross Referenceso Composite documentso The Height of the beauty of LATEX

Audience: Researchers, Faculty, Scientist, Students & Research Community of Different Universities of Pakistan
Date: Thr, 21.04.2011, Time 12:00-2:00,
Registration: Register by emailing the speaker upto 19.04.2011
Cost: Free

Live telecast will be presented to HEC registered Academia

Speaker: Dr. Tariq. J. S. Khanzada ([email protected])

Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. M. A. Unar