Soft Jinzheng11 Competition

By | October 5, 2011

Soft Jinzheng’11 Competiton


Event Date : Oct 05, 2011
Event Location : Department of Computer Systems Engineering.

Department of Computer Systems Engineering, Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, is announcing a Software/Project competition. Since programming expertise is the basic requirement for a good engineer, the SOFTJìngzhēng’11 is going to give an opportunity to developers/programmers in order to present their potential.

The competition is divided into 2 main categories: Programming Project display and on spot programming task. The event is glazed with another decent entertaining quiz competition.


  • For Project Display, presenting project should be developed by team themselves not copied from elsewhere, and competitor will present a run able and bug free project. The evaluation is based on batch wise level.(All batches can participate). For further detail download the following document.
  • For On spot programming, the programming domain is C/C++, /JAVA. There will be rounds for the competition: basic programming skills and advance programming techniques. Those students who have cleared the first round will be move ahead to compete 2nd and final round of competition. For further detail download the following document.
  • Quiz Competition is based on the batch wise competition. Each batch must have 4 teams consist of 2 participants each. Each competitor will face same level competitor. For further detail download the following document.