Student Project Exhibition on Engineering Design 2016 (SPEED 16)

By | January 19, 2016

Student Project Exhibition on Engineering Design 2016 (SPEED’16)


Department of Computer System Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro organized a one day Mega Event “Student Project Exhibition on Engineering Design 2016 (SPPED’16)” on 19th January, 2016 at MUET’s Main Auditorium from 09:00am to 02:00pm in collaboration with ACM MUET chapter. The major motivation behind the event was to create an opportunity for final year students to showcase their work and interact with the people from industry to feature MUET with utmost honor and to let the students feel professionally high. Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar

Choudhry, dean FEECE graced the event as chief guest. He expressed immense pleasure and pride to be a part of such a symbolic event. He motivated the students to focus on project development, and enhancing their capabilities to professionally groom. Prof. Dr Mukhtiar Unar graced the event as guest of honor, addressing the event Dr Unar made the students aware about the latest technology advancements. Dr Sheeraz Memon, chairman, CSE gave the overview about the event to students.

SPEED’16 emerged as a national event, the event was based on different sessions and competitions where students had opportunity to show their skills and to learn about new advancements in the field from the experts who came from different industries like PSO and Microsoft.

The event comprised of:

1. Tech Talks

Personnel from different industries given lecturers to participants:
Mr. Farooq-e-Azam (Executive – Network and Communication at PSO) delivered lecture on Cyber Security: Challenges and measures
Mr. Usama Mustafa (Education consultant at Microsoft) delivered lecture on INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT)

2. Project Exhibition

Students from different institutes showcased their projects, which were then evaluated by panel of judges. The judges were invited from PAF-keit Karachi, QUEST Nawabshah, Department of SWE, TL and BM, Mehran UET. The winners were rewarded cash prizes.

3. Speed Programming

Students were given computer programming tasks in two rounds. They had to solve the problems in C/C++/JAVA languages that were then evaluated by the panel of judges.

4. Web Development Competition

In web development competition students showcased their web-based projects which were then evaluated by panel of judges.

5. Startup Competition

Students from different institutes showcased their ideas in the form of posters, which were then evaluated by panels of judges.

In the concluding ceremony, the event was wrapped up with Dr Sheeraz Memon’s provoking address. Shields, Certificates and cash prizes were distributed to the winners and Volunteers.