15CS FYP Exhibition Winners

By | October 8, 2018

15CS Final Year Project Winners

Department of Computer System Engineering organized project exhibition of 15CS batch. The students demonstrated their projects to internal and external evaluators. The same was presented to external examiners later and viva was conducted. Dr. Pardeep Kumar and Dr. Intisab Sadhayo attended the viva voce of final year project vivas. Based on their contribution the following groups were awarded the cash prizes.

The first cash prize of Rs. 5000/- was won by

  • (15 CS 188, 15 CS 16, 15 CS 24, 15 CS 28, 15 CS 196), under project title “Smart Door Using Facial Recognition” supervised by Engr. Fawad Ali Mangi (Lecturer CSE)

The second cash prize of Rs. 3000/- was won by

  • (15 CS 43, 15 CS 19, 15 CS 21, 15 CS 59, 15 CS 33, 15 CS 25), under project title “Anti-Hostile Copter” supervised by Engr. Ali Asghar Manjhotho (Assistant Professor, CSE)

The third cash prize of Rs. 2000/- each was won by:

  1. (15 CS 15, 15 CS 179, 15 CS 77, 15 CS 13, 15 CS 11, 15 CS 191), under project title “Steganography Using ED Key” supervised by Dr. Liaquat Ali Thebo (Assistant Professor, CSE) &
  2. (15 CS 72), under project title “Enhancement & Construction of Human Face From Half Frontal View” supervised by Dr. Sammer Zai (Assistant Professor, CSE).

1st Position Holders

2nd Position Holders

3rd Position Holders

3rd Position Holder