Awareness Drive on Embedded Systems

By | November 9, 2019

Dr. Muhammad Ahsan, working as Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Systems Engineering has organized a seminar on ‘RISC-V Based Open Source Development Platform’ on 08-11-2019. The guest speaker of the seminar was Dr. Ali Ahmed who is currently working as Assistant Professor in the department of Electrical Engineering at Usman Institute of Technology (UIT), Karachi. Dr. Ali and his team has recently designed the core of in-house processor known as BURAQ using an open source processor development platform at Micro Electronic Research Lab (MERL).

The goal of this seminar was to make students aware of designing processors using RISC-V based open source platform. Existing designs of processors are based on close-source approach which may involve some security concerns since a customer is unaware of trap doors embedded within a design. Therefore, the development of an open-source processor can revolutionize the field of processor manufacturing in Pakistan.

The overall session was highly interactive and full of motivations for creating in-house processors as it is capturing a huge business market. The session was ended by a vote of Thanks to Dr. Ali Ahmed by the Chairman of Computer Systems Department, Prof. Dr. Sheeraz Memon.