Research Clusters

Research Clusters

1. Artificial Intelligence

  • Human Computer Interaction using NLP & HMM-based Speech Recognition
  • Automatic Vehicle Location Information
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Homeopathic Diagnostic System
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Text Reader (Text To Speech)
  • An Assistant & Expert System for Emergency Anesthetic Control

2. E-Commerce Application

  • E-Learning & Affordable Online education
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet E-Commerce
  • Online Testing Service
  • Linux Mail Server
  • Web based Search Engine & Portal
  • Implementation of Interactive MUET Website
  • WAP Information System in Pakistan
  • Web Application for Indus Steel Pipe Limited, Kotri ( An Inventory Control System)
  • Design Development & Implementation of Mehran University Webpage & Online Internet Service
  • Multi-User DataBase in Oracle

3. Software Engineering/Development

  • MIS for PMs Village for Decompilation of Executable Files Through Programming
  • Designing Of Software For Decompilation of Executable Files Through Programming
  • Human Resource Information
  • Hospital Information System
  • Application of Java For Nuclear Power Plant Simulation
  • Integrated Bank system
  • To Computerized Payrolls of LBOD-Section of WAPDA

4. Microprocessors Systems/Control Systems

  • Hydrolic Robots Utilized in Industries
  • Real Time Application of Microprocessor
  • Simulation of 32-bit RICS Microprocessor
  • Design of Interfacing Card For ECG Machine

5. Distributed Computing

  •  Oracle Based Examination System for SPSC