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Welcome to Department of Computer Systems Engineering


Computer Systems Engineering is a discipline concerned with the design, analysis and application of computers. This discipline combines both Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. The discipline covers all aspects of computer hardware, software and their integration.

The Department of Computer Systems Engineering of MUET Jamshoro is a well-recognized engineering program that has been producing quality engineers since 1984.

The department offers following degree at undergraduate level:

  • B.E. (Computer Systems Engineering)

Following Master degree programs are also offered by the department under the Directorate of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies:

  • M.E. (Computer and Information Engineering)
  • M.E. (Information Technology)
  • M.E. (Communication Systems and Networks)
  • M.E. (Software Engineering)
  • Ph.D. (Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Software Engineering)